Grief Therapist Santa Monica, CA

You should look for a grief therapist if you feel that you can't handle anymore the grief that you're experiencing right now. This situation could be due to an unexpected loss of a loved one, a family member, or a friend. If not addressed immediately, this could lead to more serious psychological and social problems.

If you are residing in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Torrance, and a nearby area, please contact Grief Relief now. We can provide you with professional assistance to help you cope with your current situation. Our head grief therapist has decades of experience in psychotherapy, so you are assured of a wonderful experience during the healing process and positive results after attending our therapy sessions.

Why Choose Grief Relief?

Grief Relief has already helped numerous clients overcome their grief, anxiety, and depression. In fact, we have several testimonials from our current and previous clients from Santa Monica who are more than happy with how we handle their problems and help them cope with their situations.

Here are some reasons why choosing a professional grief therapist is your best option:

  • Decades of experience. We have been providing therapy and counseling services for decades already, making us experts in these fields. Our head grief therapist, Susan Davies, has been working as a psychotherapist since 1983. With her decades of experience, you are assured that you'll get professional and expert help. She has already helped countless individuals, couples, and families overcome the most difficult stage in their lives.

  • Reliable credentials. It is normal for some clients to be wary of hiring professional counselors or therapists. Most of them are reluctant because of the possibility that they will not get the right kind of help that they need. But at Grief Relief, our clients are assured of positive results regardless of the situations that they are in. Ms Davies' credentials as a licensed social worker and certified psychotherapist can already vouch for our expertise and capabilities. She has a Masters degree in Social Work and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate program. She is also active in professional associations and community organizations.

  • Proven approach. The success of our therapy also depends on the techniques and methods that we use in the process. We use a scientific, personalized, and friendly approach when dealing with our clients’ problems or situations. Our therapy is not only conducted in our clinic, but we also perform it in our clients’ home environment to make them more relaxed and open during our sessions. We can likewise facilitate crisis intervention at locations where the traumatic events have occurred to hasten healing and full recovery of our clients.   


Grief Therapist that You Can Rely on

If you are looking for a grief therapist that you can rely on, please call us at Grief Relief today. We will offer you the right kind of support and use the most appropriate techniques so you can cope faster and live a normal life again. You will also experience a caring, supportive, understanding, and creative environment when you enroll in our grief therapy sessions.

Talk to us soon by calling 310-803-5441. We welcome clients from Santa Monica, CA and other cities in the Los Angeles County.