Treatments Losses can be thought of as the loss of one's possessions, one's self, one's developmental losses, or one's significant others. Susan has a unique way to address these losses. Her training encompasses the principals and actions developed over the years. She uses this training to assist all who wish to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives. The different kinds of treatments Susan has to offer is through her private office, assisted living and in the home. Concierge services are also successfully integrated in her treatments for each individual. These services include: comprehensive, integrated, customized and clinical settings which enhances each individuals needs. Susan believes counseling involves helping people facilitate uncomplicated, or normal, grief to a healthy completion of the tasks of grieving within a reasonable time frame. Grief therapy, on the other hand, utilizes specialized techniques that help people with abnormal or complicated grief reactions and helps them resolve the conflicts of separation.